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27 JUN 2023

How to Overcome Dismissive Avoidant Attachment Style

Does the thought of commitment make you cringe? Yet, deep down, you crave the closeness and connection of a romantic relationship?

If you nodded yes to or recognized these patterns in your partner, ...

27 JUN 2023

How to Overcome Fearful Avoidant Attachment Style

Do you crave intimate connections – only to withdraw if someone comes “too close”? Maybe you prefer to leave before someone can leave you?

If so, you might have a fearful avoidant attachment style. ...

31 AUG 2023

8 Ways to Heal a Fearful Avoidant Attachment Style

People with a fearful or disorganized attachment style typically experience some form of childhood abuse or trauma in the form of emotional, physical, or most commonly, verbal abuse. Luckily, healing ...

27 OCT 2023

How to Approach Intimacy If You Have a Dismissive Avoidant Attachment Style

Individuals with a dismissive avoidant attachment style tend to struggle with closeness, emotional intimacy, and vulnerability. They tend to crave independence, meaning that acts of intimacy like kiss...

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11 SEP 2023

What is an Attachment Style?

Attachment styles play a significant role in our relationships and overall well-being. Developed in early childhood, these patterns influence how we connect, communicate, and form bonds with others. B...

8 SEP 2023

5 Steps to Cultivating Secure Attachment

Cultivating a secure attachment style is crucial for building healthy and fulfilling relationships. Whether you have an [anxious](https://blog.personaldevelopmentschool.com/16/how-to-self-soothe-if-yo...

24 AUG 2023

11 Anxious Attachment Triggers and How to Manage Them

People with an anxious attachment style are very easily triggered. Whether it’s a lack of approval, a sudden change in a partner’s pattern or an incongruency between words and actions, [it’s normal fo...

14 AUG 2023

How to Self-Soothe If You Have An Anxious Attachment Style

Self-soothing is a great tool to turn to for those with an anxious attachment style. Self-soothing isn’t always easy, however. Thanks to early attachment experiences in which they may not have gotten ...

Thais Gibson

Thais Gibson

Thais Gibson is an author, speaker and leader in the personal development field. She has her MA, BA and is certified in over 13 different modalities including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP, Somatic Processing, and Trauma Work.

Through her academic training and client-based research, Thais has created renowned courses for personal development, growth and relationships. She is also the founder of Gibson Integrated Attachment Theory™, which empowers individuals to heal different attachments in their lives and reprogram any limiting thoughts and behaviours. These teachings have been distilled into the in-depth courses inside of The Personal Development School.

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